Data Centers

Keeping your data safe isn’t an option, it’s a must

MIS Choice’s data centers assure your files are accessible and secure, always. With full management of all your network, server and storage components, we take the burden off your hands, and into our experienced ones. We customize programs specifically for each client’s demands, budgets and timelines, with security and safety our highest priority.

By providing customized business level insight and recommendations, you can make the best, informed decisions. Also, to ensure the ultimate protection, we partner with Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, IBM and others to offer a wide berth of options.

Data Centers from MIS Choice consist of:

  • Data Backup services
  • Server Hosting
  • Web and Email Hosting, with Spam Filtering
  • Complete Mobile Access
  • Hosted Backup and Disaster Recovery

To ensure prompt and secure service, MIS Choice maintains three separate hosting facilities, a Tier II (WDC) facility and two Tier IV (DDC, TYO2). Our DDC facility is located within the DuPont Fabros Technology Data Center (DF-CH1), outside Chicago and TYO2 outside of Tokyo, Japan. We adhere to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with all clients, and strict access control to the hosting infrastructure such as servers, storage and network. MIS Choice complies with all laws, on a Federal, State and Local level.

A variety of intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) are in place. MIS Choice supports IPsec, SSL, and direct (point-to-point) communication methods for outside communication. Additional communication options are available if existing methods do not fulfil your specifications.

MIS Choice offers both managed and unmanaged solutions on virtual and physical platforms.

Our dedicated physical servers’ features include:

  • Redundancy: Minimum N+1 on all systems
  • Number of Utility Feeders: 2
  • Number of Power Transformers: 8
  • Fire Suppression: Laser-based Very Early Smoke Detection (VESDA)
  • UPS: Sixteen 1,300kW rotary powered systems
  • Standby Power: Sixteen 2,250kW diesel generator systems
  • Fuel Capacity: 100,000 gallons of diesel
  • Cooling System: Eight 1,150 ton centrifugal chillers
  • Data Pathways: Two diverse fiber vaults for redundant carrier points of entry
  • Data Transit: Low-latency peering, transit and metro area transport for data delivery
  • Uptime Guarantee: 100% on Power, HVAC, and network connectivity

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