Let’s make your server smarter

Many small to medium-sized businesses have too many servers, growing IT costs and no solution in sight. MIS Choice’s Virtualization solutions can help you simplify your infrastructure, increase flexibility, security and resource sharing, all while decreasing your costs.

We use best of breed solutions such as VMware hosting and integrated virtualization tools like vSphere and vMotion so you get the most efficient, optimized solution available - with operational insights, improved performance and a more efficient data center.

Virtualization solutions from MIS Choice let you enjoy:

  • Reduced costs - avoid purchasing expensive hardware and software
  • Increased uptime - become fully operational both during and after disasters
  • Better disaster recovery - by restoring data quickly and seamlessly
  • Green credentials - lower electricity bills by using fewer servers

MIS Choice allows you to virtualize all your internal technologies including storage, laptop, hardware, operating systems, and applications. Eliminate server redundancy, improve application performance, reduce energy needs, and more with MIS Choice’s Virtualization solutions.

Virtualization with MIS Choice is a smart choice.

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