Telephony with enterprise-level capabilities

The days of communicating with your customers via analog and digital phones are long gone. The introduction of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is changing the way we communicate and do business. VoIP phone systems enable organizations to increase communication flexibility while reducing costs, and MIS Choice’s VoIP solutions allow you to do just that and more.

More and more companies are jumping on the VoIP bandwagon, and for good reasons. By using VoIP solutions from MIS Choice you can make and take phone calls over the Internet from anywhere, at anytime, allowing you to lower your telecommunication costs significantly while increasing productivity.

VoIP solutions from MIS Choice are:

  • Secure - with 24/7/365 monitoring and maintenance
  • User-friendly - intuitive user interface that integrates with your existing system
  • Green - ditch paper usage and share information online to save the environment
  • Convenient - make and receive calls wherever you have Internet connection
  • Economical - reduce monthly phone bills by avoiding installation and maintenance fees

It’s time to do away with bulky equipment and big phone bills.

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