Strategic Procurement

Find your perfect business match

Increasing profitability should be your ultimate priority as a business owner, and in order to achieve that goal you need the best solutions from the best service providers. But identifying the right supplier can be a daunting and time consuming task. That’s where MIS Choice’s Strategic Procurement services come in.

We’re your single source destination, a trusted partner who won’t only get you the product, but will help determine the optimal option for your needs. From desktops to laptops and servers, we provide best of breed, like Lenovo and Cisco amongst other.

MIS Choice’s Strategic Procurement solutions provide:

  • Current overall infrastructure costs
  • A highly specialized team of procurement experts
  • Procurement strategies for cost reduction
  • Final contracting and negotiations
  • Ongoing management and continuous monitoring
  • Dedicated support

Our technicians are certified in everything we sell, so we don’t just supply the best, but we maintain and manage them too. Let MIS Choice help you find the best product and the best price for your business’s size and demands.

Strategic Procurement that’s fast. And smart.

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