Hardware As A Service

Outsource your hardware to a team of professionals

The processes of sourcing, installing, and maintaining your in-house hardware infrastructure is neither cheap nor easy. Your hardware will eventually reach end-of-life, fail, or become obsolete as technology advances. When that happens, you’ll have to pay expensive upfront costs to replace or upgrade your hardware infrastructure.

Let MIS Choice’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) take care of your technology and streamline your business operations. We handle all aspects of your hardware needs from installation to management, support, replacement, and upgrades.

MIS Choice’ Hardware as a Service solutions support:

  • Infrastructure
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Operating systems
  • Servers
  • And more!

MIS Choice’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solutions help lighten your IT headaches without breaking the bank. We make sure you get the equipment and maintenance you need, all for a fixed monthly fee. Many businesses overlook the end-of-life dates on the hardware they use across their organization which can lead to system crashes, data loss, and expensive company downtime. With a hardware as a Service solution in place, your company's hardware will always be up to date, within vendor guidelines, and the latest technology. Our team can focus on ensuring your company's hardware environment is in peak condition to allow your employees to focus on pending business needs and tasks.

Discover an all-inclusive HaaS program at an affordable price.

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