Choice IT

ChoiceIT™ is MIS Choice’s fixed-fee and fully customized IT solution for your business. It’s simply the easiest way to ensure your IT needs are handled efficiently and effectively. ChoiceIT includes both our SmartChoice™ and SecureChoice™ offerings - bundled software, security, hardware and Chicago based IT support - along with our industry proven expertise. You get total IT management, from server support to end user support. We’re there when you need us, dependably and professionally. Check out our SmartChoice and SecureChoice™ options.


SmartChoice™ is a series of proactive IT support and services for client infrastructure and end users. Your customized Choice IT solution may include any of these exclusive programs that have been designed by MIS Choice.

With SmartApp we support third party lines of business applications, taking care of connectivity issues, software patching and updates, and basic application administration.
SmartBackUp is designed as an all-inclusive, fully managed backup and data recovery solution to help avoid data loss and/or corruption.
With SmartDomain we manage and maintain our clients’ domain name records and any associated pointer records. This helps ensure uninterrupted communications to and from corporate owned network resources, including email, websites, file shares and VPN connectivity.
Avoid the potentially costly risks that come from mobile access to corporate networks. With SmartMobile you get comprehensive and secure company network and data monitoring over mobile devices.
We provide PC based support, enabling users to become more productive and limiting unplanned downtime and outages. Services include disk cleanup, monitoring, print support and more.
We provide server-based support, allowing for a productive and efficient infrastructure for services and applications hosted on managed servers.


SecureChoice™ consists of a series of security services for client infrastructure and end users, employing a combination of highly effective security tactics that give our clients peace of mind. With SecureChoice™, we can configure your management services package exclusively for you, whether it’s Backup and Disaster Recovery, Network Management, Endpoint Protection, or Managed Security. Let us design a smart package that’s optimized for your business.

SecureLink includes monitoring and management of secure connections, providing end-to-end management of VPN connectivity for corporate resources residing behind the corporate firewall.
Stop spam messages from flooding end users’ inboxes. SecureMail delivers security solutions for mail servers.
Security failure can have a severe impact on your business. SecureNetwork gives peace of mind by ensuring your network perimeter is not only protected, but that the policies and rules in place remain relevant.
It’s vital to protect all levels of your IT system. By implementing SecurePoint, customers can mitigate more than 90% of malicious attacks.
Websites are the ultimate culprit when it comes to a loss of productivity and major security holes. SecureWeb controls Internet access, keeping employees from engaging in unproductive behavior that could ultimately lead to gaping security vulnerabilities.